A Fiction
Vani Venkatesan

Chapter 2     A Mysterious Video



`Dang! Dang', the ball continued to yell and struggle and it seemed to know its fate - everything would come to an end; the push would stop; the spin would end. Varshi was induced into a sense of frightening emotion and when she felt she could not endure the fright anymore, Isaac barely dumped the ball onto the net, ending the game and thus the match.

It was followed by an unexpected moment of silence. There was no cheering nor any congratulations. Isaac stood still, not moving forward to shake hands with his opponent. It seemed that the loss was heavy to him. He sadly stared at the ball which was still spinning rapidly, as if yearning to him as well as laughing at him.

Isaac simply could not accept the loss, looked like one who had suffered a miserable defeat, Varshi thought. She understood how Isaac felt. He was too proud of himself to the point that he behaved arrogantly and laughed at the world. He challenged Helen that he could beat her by playing with one-leg and he did. Now, how could he accept loss to a young girl by a small margin! Varshi was so much into the game that a sense of lightness and emptiness filled her and felt sad for Isaac but the feeling just lasted for a short moment and her conscious mind came back. It was just a game, she thought. It was foolish for one to take the win and loss so seriously.

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