A Fiction
Vani Venkatesan

Chapter 2     The Secret Agent


``..... The book was an autobiography of a Nobel Prize physics winner named Richard Feynman, who liked to solve problems in his unique characteristic ways, and formulated the framework of nano-technology in his lecture There's Plenty of Room at the Bottom at Caltech in 1959. That evening, I read the book, which I enjoyed, till midnight, finishing half of it. But it just added another riddle: why did the professor ask me to read something that is totally irrelevant to my question?
Next morning, I flipped through the remaining pages with tired body and mind, ready to return the book. Then I came across a few lines that gripped my attention. I read them repeatedly. Suddenly the answer to the question, which had bothered me for 20 years unfolded in my brain as if the door of a dark cell was opened with bright light illuminating the whole room. We had suffered from a plethora of surmise and conjectures. The answer was so simple and obvious, yet we were oblivious to it for 20 years."

A Satellite

Varshi smiled. ``Indeed, it is very interesting, and certainly I would like to make an in-depth analysis on this marvel. However, gambling is not my field. Why didn't you contact some companies that specialize in it?"
How did someone smuggle computers to China? Why couldn't Jacobs find any clues in twenty years? The questions lingered in her mind.
When the impossible is eliminated, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.
She tried to examine the root of the problem, making her own conjecture. It was a delusion, which had lasted for 20 years, that computers had been shipped to China through a smuggling channel. In reality, this channel never existed.
She pushed on, removing all other surmises. However improbable, China had built their own computing machines to guide the satellite!
``..... They had constructed their own computing machine, which might be the most powerful computer on the planet at that time."

A Supercomputer

A grim thought crossed her mind. If the casino man was a villain and her gardener had befriended such a criminal, it would have dire implications for her family's safety. She brooded over the consequences and became restless, fidgeting uneasily on her chair. She got up, paced the room and through a window, she stared at the garden. The sky had turned dark and the wind howled, screaming at the window. It was about to rain.
She called Diego.

A Casino

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