Conquering America by Sustaining Trade Deficit

Currently, America is the superpower with the largest economy. It looks invincible, seemingly to last forever. History tells us otherwise. Countries wax and wane; many great powers declined or vanished in a sudden. If not paying attention, America is no exception, and it could be conquered in a time frame of about 30 years. It won't be conquered by any advanced weapons but by an adversary country which sustains the American trade deficit as discussed below. In the early 20-th century, years of persistent trade deficit had led to the Great Depression and fortunately, the trade surplus generated during the Great Depression led the country out of depression. However, if America is conquered, it will vanish forever and the world might fall into a dark age for a long time. (PDF version)

To simplify our discussions let us assume that the US has an annual trade deficit of $500 billions with Country X, which has an authoritative and suppressive government. The countries have more or less trade balance with the rest of the world. (In reality, America has a larger overall trade deficit.) X is hypothetical here.

Macroscopic View

Let us first look at this problem macroscopically and we assume that the US has about 100 million families. The trade deficit implies that each year X produces $500B extra goods for the US. In other words, X subsidizes $5000 for each American family. Removing this $5000 subsidy is like taking the dangerous toys away from a kid or the drugs from a drug addict; it would cause an uproar. No sane president would do it. Only an insane president or a president with great courage would try to plug the deficit.

Of course, to maintain the deficit, the people of X suffer most as they have to work extremely hard every year to produce the extra $500B goods that they do not use. They work 16 hours a day and deadly pollute the environment only to fulfill the ambitions of their government and the greed of the Americans.

Microscopic View

Now let's examine this microscopically. In our simplified case, we know that the $500B must be recycled back to the US to make things balance. We examine how the X government could use this annual $500B to conquer America, and how they could sustain the American trade deficit.

  1. Two Billion ($2B) to Corrupt Renown Economists

    The X government spends $2B in a subtle form such as academic grants, to corrupt some renown economists, including one or more Nobel-prize winners. The corrupted economists will advocate absolute free trade, condemning any real action such as imposing tariffs that could reduce the deficit. They will tell the public the greatness of free trade with X, how tariffs hurt consumers and the bright side of globalization. (If money is not enough, X government will send spy prostitutes to them.)

  2. Twenty Billion ($20B) to Corrupt Writers and Journalists

    X government spends $20B to bribe directly or indirectly American journalists and writers, in particular, freelance writers to write articles to influence the public opinions: any actions disrupting the trade will lead to disasters.
    They will argue for X government to justify the suppressive policies and blame the America media bias against X government.

  3. Twenty Billion ($20B) to Pay 1 Million Internet Soldiers

    X government pays 1 million Internet soldiers to overwhelm the Internet with fake news and videos. Each soldier is paid $20,000 per year. They post messages or videos to twist real facts, and make comments to argue for X. The content of each of their videos is usually 70% real and 30% fabricated so that a normal reader will not know it is fake and has twisted facts. Most importantly, they create news and comments to divide the parties and make the party members hate each other like devils.

  4. Forty Billion ($40B) to Immigrate 4000 Highly Trained Spies

    The ultimate weapon to conquer America is to immigrate 4000 highly trained spies to America annually. On average, immigrating one spy costs them 10 million dollars as many of them may need to have a luxury life in America. Since the X government is authoritative, they can easily create any fake documents to immigrate a spy to the US. Many of these spies are camouflaged as escaped corrupt officials or their children to cover their real identities, some maybe even on the Interpol list that the X government wants to arrest them.
    Many Americans may be cheerful, opening their arms to welcome immigrated corrupt officials as they bring in huge capitals. What the Americans don't know is that many of them are actually spies, who have the intention of doing great harms to this country. No American could distinguish between a real corrupt official and a fake corrupt official who is a spy.
    Some spies may 'immigrate' to this country as illegal immigrants, entering the US through the southern border or other channels. So it is natural for them to support an open-border policy. Some spies could be born in America and brought back to X as babies to train specifically for spying.

  5. Two Hundred Eighteen Billion ($218B) to Buy American Businesses

    Each year, the X government spends $218B to buy American businesses, many of which could relate to news media so that they could control the propaganda. But most of the businesses they purchase are small businesses such as hotels and restuarants. The purpose is to provide positions (not jobs) for the spies to cover their identities.

  6. One Hundred Billion ($100B) to Support Spies Activities

    The X government spends $100B to support the activities of the spies. Their main jobs are to corrupt and split the society, create fake news and conflicts, import fatal drugs to poison the youngsters and bully protesters. They will try to get into some government posts and will try hard to get some congress and senate seats.

  7. One Hundred Billion ($100B) to be saved

    After all those spendings the X government still has $100B remaining. They will save it for the future need by buying bonds or other methods.

  8. Install a Socialist President

    After 20 years, the X government has immigrated 40,000 highly trained spies to this country and has saved 2 trillion dollars, which are American debt. Thanks to the work of the spies, the society has become very polarized. Quite a lot of spies have occupied crucial American government posts and some of them have become congressmen or senators. After 20 years of coordinated work that controls the news media, the spies are able to install a socialist president, who is a puppet of them. But the president is very popular as he gives free money to Americans and no one needs to do much work because now X basically manufactures and produces everything for the Americans. The president adopts an open-border policy. He legalizes the 30 million illegal immigrants and in the next eight years, 70 million new immigrants comes to this country. These 100 million new immigrants all support the socialist president. The administration changes the law so that a spy immigrant could become the US president.

  9. The Final Conquer

    With the endorsement of the former president, the support of the new 100 million immigrants and many original Americans, and the control of the news media, a spy immigrant overwhelmingly wins the presidency of the US. The spy president fastly puts more spies in key positions of the administration and adopts some policies Hitler used in Germany but with improvements to make America an authoritative state. Now America is completely conquered. Last time, America rescued the Germans by defeating Germany but this time no country can defeat the conquered America and nation X. The world might fall into a dark age for a long time.

  10. Conclusions

    The only way for America to avoid the fate of being conquered is to erase the trade deficit by imposing 100% or more tariffs on all goods from X. Without the trade surplus, X cannot afford to mass-emmigrate spies to America and control the news media.

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A Fiction
Vani Venkatesan

A computing specialist was accidentally sucked into a conspiracy storm: by sustaining the huge trade deficit, Dark Power was able to control the American news media secretly in the background and had immigrated a large number of spies to America to create political conflicts, a crucial step in a plan to conquer America in 30 years.

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